little nest

This month’s pins come via Little Nest, an Australian company, focusing on “creating stylish, fun and functional furnishings for children”. We don’t usually advocate designer reproductions but I’m giving these a pass…


…mainly ’cause they’re just too cute. These child-sized replicas include instantly recognizable furniture, like the Eames-designed DSR side chair (Tiny Tower) above, and Arne Jacobsen’s Egg chair (Yolk) below…


While they’re not authentic originals, they are the perfect tools to groom Mid-century Modern fans of the future. This mini replica of Harry Bertoia’s side chair (Little Bert) comes as a set of two, in a choice of colors…


Finally, another Eames offering, the iconic LCW molded plywood lounge chair (The Woody) available in ash or walnut. I can’t vouch for the quality of these furniture pieces, but they certainly look the part.


There are other designs too. See the full collection of children’s furniture at Little Nest. And for more O&L pins, check us out on Pinterest, where we pin things that inspire, amaze or amuse us.


coast modern

Just heard about a local (Boston) screening of Coast Modern, a super-cool independent documentary about west coast modernist architecture. Regular readers will appreciate our excitement…

…but just to be clear, our whole design vision is inspired by a love of mid-century modern design and modernist architecture. So this film’s right up our street. Here’s a quick look at the preview…

The film runs tomorrow night at Boston’s MFA. We’ll be going, obviously. If it’s your kinda thing, check out the (growing) list of future screenings at the Coast Modern website and Facebook page.


put a bird on it

We’ve seen lots of birds cropping-up in home decor recently, but it’s far from a new phenomenon. We’re long-time fans of mid-century examples, like the iconic Eames House Bird

…but at $200+ you need to really want one. Another O&L favorite is the 1959-designed BIRD family, by Kristian Vedel, handmade by a Danish wood-turner, from high-quality smoked and natural oak…

Each features an adjustable head and body to create male/female BIRDs and reflect different moods. We like. On a related note, we also like this MCM-style birdhouse, found on TheDesignerPad

…but I digress. Back on birds as decor, we’ve put a few on our own (yet to be released) products. Here’s a peekaboo view of our updated Logan 123 wall art, complete with pink cross-hatch bird…

The whole bird thing also reminded me of the now infamous Portlandia sketch, mocking the over-use of birds in design. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, or you’d like a refresher, do take a look…

You’ve gotta love Portlandia…or hate it, one of the two. We love it. Not least because it reminds us of Portland, a city we adore. Hope you enjoyed our own brief bird ‘episode’. Have a great weekend!


mad men

I spied this vintage image the other day and had to share. The shot shows six suited-up mid-century designers, sitting on their own iconic creations…which may help you work out who’s who.

If not (and I wouldn’t get them all) L-R: George Nelson, Edward Wormley, Eero Saarinen, Harry Bertoia, Charles Eames and Jens Risom; from a 1961 issue of Playboy. Read the original article on Lushpad.


rummer homes tour

During our recent Portland trip, we toured some amazing mid-century modern homes, built in the 1960s by Robert Rummer, and exclusively found in the Portland metro area.

The Mid-Century Marvelous’ tour, organized by the Historic Preservation League of Oregon (HPLO), featured eight Rummer homes, within the Bohmann Park neighborhood.

We’ve admired Rummer homes for ages, so it was great to see some up close, get inside, and even talk to the owners. Rummer himself was there too; in his former home, above.

Of the hundreds of Rummer homes in the Portland metro area, 62 are in Bohmann Park. It’s an easily walkable neighborhood, allowing us to see, and photograph, most of them.

Rummer homes are (controversially) almost identical to Eichler Homes, found in various Californian tracts. Whatever the ‘inspiration’, they’re impressive houses in their own right.

Although Rummer homes are way cheaper than their California cousins, they command a premium, when compared to neighboring homes. Either way, I think it’s money well spent.

As a bonus, one opportunistic Rummer home owner held an open house (not pictured) to coincide with the tour. Not sure if any offers materialized, but they got plenty of footfall.

Despite the inevitable Portland shower, it was a great day. It’s refreshing to see so many people who are passionate about restoring and preserving these wonderful homes.


design refresh

We’ve been busily refreshing our George and Billie designs for a while. And now they’re ready. Though the visual changes are pretty subtle, we think they’re a big improvement.

We hope you’ll agree. Something I’m sure you’ll agree with are the prices. Design tweaks have helped us to cut costs, and trim prices; bringing them into line with our Logan range.

For the lifestyle shots, George and Billie get a Mid-Century Modern makeover, creating a better visual match for the ‘loft-style’ Logan photography I shared three weeks back.

Our products complement many architectural and decor styles, but we decided to place these retro/modern designs in environments that we feel perfectly fit their personalities.

What also fits are the complementary products we’ve added; some you may have seen here before, some not. We’ll reveal the source of these soon, in our ‘get the look’ series.

Over the days and weeks that follow, I’ll be giving you specific details on the design and price tweaks we’ve implemented. If you can’t wait, skip across to our shop right now.


just modern

We’ve partnered a new retailer this week. Just Modern sell Mid-Century Modern-inspired home accessories. Right up our street. Initially, they’ll just be stocking our pillows, below.

As a side note, we’re ever so slightly (read ‘very’) jealous, as they reside in Palm Springs; a Mecca for Mid-Century Modern design. We’re already planning a warm winter visit.


ebay chair finds

Not sure I’m comfortable buying furniture from ebay, but I’m eternally envious of people’s rare and beautiful finds. So, I decided to find out what was on offer. And I’m glad I did.

I intended to round-up the best mid-century modern finds from – what I guessed would be – a pretty small haul. How wrong can you be? Masses to lust after. Including this beauty…

Looks a bit like a Carter Brothers Scoop Chair, made in 1950s North Carolina. Not sure though, as the description says Danish. Nice anyhow. Auction has ended with no sale.

These caught my eye too. Not that everything I like is green. Just happens to be a popular color for the period. These are simply described as “mid century Danish armchairs”.

Not sure who designed/made them, but they look gorgeous. Unfortunately, the price tag isn’t as appealing. You can buy the pair now for a shade under $2000. Not small change.

As there was so much, I decided to focus on chairs. This next one is a Milo Baughman-designed lounge chair, in mustard. Yet another distinctly Olli & Lime-flavored shade.

The original 1959 upholstery is described as “near perfect”, so the winning bid of $405 still looks like very good value. Hopefully this great-looking chair goes to a good home.

The identity of the next piece is unclear, even to the seller, who says it may be Kagan. As a relative novice, who am I to argue otherwise? Frankly, I don’t care. It’s stunning.

It has a few stains but I’m still very tempted to make room for this. I just need to convince Karen!  The current bid – just shy of $250 – looks like a steal. I’m sure it’ll rise plenty.

There are so many more I could share but I do have work to do! I’m sure I’ll revisit this topic. I also have a feeling it won’t be too long before we snag our own ebay bargain.


atomic ranch

Further fueling our fascination with everything mid-century modern, we just made a new book acquisition. Atomic Ranch is the perfect coffee table book…well, for ours anyway.

It’s jammed full of mid-century eye candy. But it’s not just the pictures that wow. The stories too are engaging; and give you an acute sense of each home’s unique history.

We got the magazine first, a week ago. Opening it gave me that oddly familiar feeling a child gets with a brand new comic. I feel an addiction (or is that subscription?) coming on.

It – and the book – are filled with inspirational ideas; you can see we’ve marked some pages already. I hope one day we can put these ideas into practice in our own home.

In all seriousness, we’re pretty much set on owning a house like this at some point. Until then, we’ll keep the books on the coffee table, and keep admiring from a distance.


lakeside modern

Spotted this UK property on WowHaus. The house is an impressive 60s contemporary within Cumbria’s desirable, stunningly beautiful, but not exactly ‘happening’ Lake District.

This 4-bed/2-bath is just under 2000 sq ft, plus garage/boiler room. The housing style is somewhat rarer in the UK (than the US), meaning you don’t often get chance to compare.

What strikes you first is the price tag. At £1.3 million (about $2.1 million) it would put a serious hole in all but the largest of pockets…and it’s not even anywhere near London!

Compare this home, in Oregon’s Lake Oswego. It’s much larger, at almost 3000 sq ft, plus garage. Oh, and it also boasts a lake view, hot tub, sports court and boat easement!

A little more on offer, shall we say, but broadly comparable. So you’d expect the price to be similar. Not so. It’s just under $440,000 (£270,000). Around 1/5th of the price!