pumpkin and pear

No, not a new ice-cream flavour (more’s the pity!), just the perfect way to introduce two newly available fabric designs in…um…pumpkin and pear.


As you may know, we’re in the midst of a seconds and sample sale. We’re clearing some old stock, plus some slightly imperfect new stuff…all at crazy prices.


Mid-rummage, we unearthed fabric from our two ‘retired’ Egg designs. Behold, (seasonal) pumpkin and pear! Both are £6/$9 per metre/yard, to make curtains, blinds or whatever you like.

egg fabric arrival

A while ago I posted about our George and Billie fabric being available to buy. I promised Egg fabric was on the way, and here it is…

egg fabric

As with all our fabric, it’s available by the metre/yard for £16/$28 from our site. Perfect for curtains, blinds or whatever you want to make.


As if by magic, fabric has ‘appeared’ in the Olli & Lime warehouse. This fabric will soon be available by the metre/yard from our website…

george fabric

From August you can buy our George (above) and Billie (below) fabric designs, with Egg following close behind.

billie fabric

The fabric is perfect for making curtains and blinds (or whatever) to match the rest of the Olli & Lime collection.

printing egg

Some more pics from Karen’s trip to our main fabric printer, near Manchester, UK, this time showing our Egg design in pumpkin and teal.


Karen has become semi-obsessed with the fascinating print process and had to point out an anomaly to me from the image below.


Eagle-eyed readers will notice some colour gaps in the Egg design. This was shot mid-job, before the machine made its return journey along the fabric.

production perfection

Here’s a peek inside our new fabric printers, based just outside Manchester, England. Not the greatest quality picture, admittedly (via mobile) but you get the idea.

billie in production

Pictured is a 50m+ stretch of fabric in our Billie design. Items made from this latest production run will be available to buy from our site, and our retailers, later this month.

sitting comfortably

Olli & Lime pillows have arrived. Here’s our Billie design in roasted brown, with complementary burnt orange wallpaper. These designs and more will be available to order from Saturday.


We’re also thrilled to announce that our duvet sets and fabric will also be available. See everything in our shop. It’s been a testing and tiring few months, but we’re finally ready to launch.