red carpet gone

I’ve categorised this under ‘design’ but more appropriate would be ‘phew!’, as we’ve finally carpeted our stairs. Nothing spectacular but better than theĀ red stuff we inherited.

We’ve also laid wood flooring in the hallway. This pretty standard oak wouldn’t usually be our number one choice…but it matches the rest of the place, so we’re happy enough.

So, after almost six months of living here (albeit in-between four business trips to the US) we’re just about there. As a result, it’s beginning to feel like home…for now at least.


fireplace tour

I’ve been rubbish with posting lately. Sorry. We’re mid-ABC prep and there’s masses to do. We’re also getting on with decorating our new place; a welcome weekend diversion.

Anyway, thought I’d give you a flavour of what we’ve been up to. So here’s a room-by-room peek, via four of our new fireplaces. First up, some wallpaper in our bedroom…

I shared this paper the other week. We love how it turned out. Even if cutting around the fireplace was a complete nightmare! Next up, more green (we like green) in the kitchen…

We (AKA Karen: the paint expert) mixed a far too green shade of green with some grey from another project to get this, which is just right. Next we painted some alcoves…

These brown panels are in the lounge, flanking our biggest fireplace. We chose a lovely, rich, chocolate brown. So lovely, in fact, that we used it again in our dressing room…

The shade complements my new piggy bank perfectly I think. We have one more fireplace but that’s enough for now! I hope you enjoyed the tour. Do let me know what you think.

Back in Olli & Lime land, things are going great. We’re on the verge of our first REALLY big trade show, which means another trip to the US, in 16 days…not that I’m counting.