egg love

Egg isn’t my favourite design. I’m more of a Billie or Charlie fan. When we launched Egg though, I really loved it. I’m so fickle. Point of saying this? I’m back in love…

…and it’s all thanks to these new product shots. I just think the contrast between the vibrant teal Egg pattern and the crisp white crib and rocking chair works so well.

I also love the way the feature wall picks out the matching grey/brown colour of the Egg pattern. It’s a good job, as we painted the wall specifically for that purpose!

To finish the look, we created custom alphabet wall art; essentially a large, canvass-mounted poster. This can offer a flexible, cost-effective alternative to a wall mural.

So there you have it. Egg is back. And quite fitting as turquoise is “Color of the Year 2010“. We hope you like the new photography. Plenty more shots coming soon.

end of year egg sale

OK, as it’s Christmas (well, almost) we’ve conjured up another offer…in addition to our FREE shipping deal. And no, we’re not selling eggs, we’re selling our ‘Egg’ range…


…as expertly modelled by Milo! We’re taking 20% off ANYTHING Egg. That’s nursery bedding, fabric, baby accessories and wall art. The only thing excluded is wall murals.


The offer runs until December 31 2009. Happy Christmas…shopping. Oh, with turquoise named color of the year for 2010, we’ve extended our Egg sale ’til the end of January.


At first, this may seem like a pointless (and pretty awful) pun indulgence. In fact, it perfectly sums up our emotions as we greet the arrival of our latest ‘Egg’ stock run!




It took a bit longer than expected but the results are well worth it. Apologies to anyone who’s been waiting for any out of stock items. They’ll be with you shortly…

all stocked up

We’re nearing the end of a massive production run that’s taken longer than hoped (doesn’t it always?). Anyway, during that time, we’ve  built up a long waiting list for our pillows.

george pillows

Apologies if you’re on that waiting list. The good news is they’ve arrived! Even better, a new production process has given us the best results yet. The quality is fantastic.

billie pillows

Pictured at the top are our (green and brown) George pillows, with our (orange and brown) Billie designs below. You can buy them all now from our shop.

pretty in pink

Our sample sale just launched and we’ve almost sold out. There must be some keen O&L bargain hunters. Anyway, we still have some stuff left.

A reminder, these items are slightly imperfect samples, like this pink version of our Carrie pillow; a slightly conformist experiment on our part.


So, if you demand pink for your precious princess, we have three cushions/pillows, a quilt and pillowcase that could be right up your street.

By the way, to be the first to hear about further sales and offers, sign up for O&L News or email me and we’ll add you to the list.

first-come first-serve

So, what to do with the handful of items that failed to make it into our fall/winter collection? Answer: hold a sample sale. We’re giving customers a choice of blankets, cushions and bedding that didn’t quite make the grade, all at a knockdown price.


Either the fabric, color or finish is different from our production versions, so won’t be sold at full price. On the plus side, that makes them unique. Add to that, the fact that we’ve heavily discounted each item and you simply can’t lose. Numbers are limited, so go check it out quick.

sitting comfortably

Olli & Lime pillows have arrived. Here’s our Billie design in roasted brown, with complementary burnt orange wallpaper. These designs and more will be available to order from Saturday.


We’re also thrilled to announce that our duvet sets and fabric will also be available. See everything in our shop. It’s been a testing and tiring few months, but we’re finally ready to launch.