happy holidays

O+L will be closed Christmas and New Year’s day –pretty much the only time of year Karen and I (Andy) get a proper break. We’ll also be taking it easy over the holiday period, but you can still call or email (preferred). Have a warm and wonderful holiday season.



happy holidays

Happy Holidays from O+L! We will close Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Other than that, business as usual. We wish you and your family a warm and magical holiday season.



pantone christmas

It seems there’s a PANTONE product for every occasion these days, so why should Christmas be any different? Here are some festive favorites we’ve pinned recently, kicking-off with the ultimate Christmas bauble.

They look gorgeous and come in lots of great colors but, at $15 a pop, dressing an entire tree would be expensive. These snowflake cards are pretty cool too, available in four festive shades.

If you’re obsessively coordinated (like us) you could get a gift bag and tag to match…though, for the record, we haven’t. Anyhow, silver would be our choice for the card, bag and tag.

The spelling of these “Christmas by Colour” cards suggests they are UK-only. All colors have a festive connection, reflected in words on the front. Looks they are ‘inspired’ by PANTONE, not licensed.

You can also get genuine PANTONE solid color gift tags and wrapping paper. Honestly, we haven’t bought any of these…maybe we’re suffering from over-exposure?! More on our happy holidays! Pinterest board.


year-end sale

To celebrate 12/12/12, we’re launching our 2012 year-end sale! Get 20% off everything at olliandlime.com, from last-minute gifts – blankets, bib & burp sets and hooded towels – to crib bedding sets…

Just pick what you like from our shop, enter “20twelve” at checkout, and we’ll take 20% off your total. Discount cannot be applied to previous orders, and excludes clearance, Jellycats, wall graphics and mobiles.


gingerbread modern

A quick festive diversion. I recently spied a modern gingerbread house. Immediately smitten, I created cake study houses, a dedicated Pinterest board. Here are some highlights, starting with the first I spotted…

Next up, a chocolate replica of Case Study House #8, designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1949. This version was created by chocolatier Thomas Haas, commissioned by Canadian magazine, The Block.

And here’s an even more famous house, Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright’s 1935 modern masterpiece. I’m not sure who created this replica – I found it in a post on the deedee914 blog.

I love the attention to detail inside this butterfly-roofed house. You can make out an Eames lounge chair, Nelson ball clock and Noguchi coffee table. I found this on the Sethica blog, and I think they made it.

Next, Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House, “in fondant, poured sugar and sugar paste”, via Apartment Therapy. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this one is the pricetag: $4,320. And that’s not a typo.

Though not a house, I had to share this Barcelona day bed (also by Mies van der Rohe). Compare this chocolatey replica, slightly smaller than life size, to the black-colored original above it. Impressive work.

We’d love to emulate some of these, but I’m not sure our cake-making skills are up to it. If you enjoyed these sweet creations, check out more on our cake study houses Pinterest board.


holiday message

With the holiday weekend upon us, I’d like to offer seasonal best wishes from all at Olli & Lime! We do hope you have a very enjoyable and relaxing time with family and friends.

By the way, we’re staying open right through the holidays. All olliandlime.com orders will be processed same day, with items shipped out next available carrier collection date.


all white now

When we imagined Boston at Christmas, we pictured a romantic snow-covered scene. It didn’t actually snow on Christmas Day, but we now have the snow wished for. Big time.

I mean, a serious amount of snow. But they’re used to it here. So everything gets back to normal very quickly. I’ve seen more snow ploughs here the last two days than I ever have!

Plus, people get their shovels out and start clearing. Admittedly, not ‘cos they’re all good samaritans. It’s the law here. But it does seem that people all pull in the same direction.

Monday night we watched the drama unfold on Channel 7’s ‘Storm Force’ updates. Oddly addictive. For some it’s deadly serious as the storms bring severe damage and flooding.

Now though, we’re properly equipped to brave the relatively moderate snowy conditions downtown. thanks in no small measure to newly acquired hats and wellington boots.

And now it’s stopped snowing, the blue skies are out, making for some stunning views. I just hope it’s not too cold on New Year’s Eve, which we’ll mostly be spending outdoors!


boston christmas

I haven’t flooded the blog with posts over Christmas. I know you’re all busy with family stuff and it’s the only real break we get. But I couldn’t resist sharing some festive snaps.

It feels so ‘Christmassy’ here. Seemingly, all the trees are meticulously light-adorned, including these, flanking the central walkway in Boston’s picturesque Public Garden.

Okay, not quite Central Park but Boston Common does boast some skating, on its famed Frog Pond. Naturally, I refrained from embarrassing anyone with my skating prowess.

Back to trees (it is Christmas after all). Check out this beast, in the Fanueil Hall Market area. At 85 feet, apparently it’s the tallest holiday tree in the whole of New England!

As is customary for our Boston trips, we took a walk along the Charles River. Too cold for any bench-sitting though, and any boats, with large sections of water completely frozen.

We’re staying in the South End while here, just about the most attractive area (in our opinion) made even prettier by the addition of pretty Christmas bows on the lamp posts.

These shots were taken before yesterday’s major snowfall. We now have a substantial covering as you can gauge from our deck. Don’t think we’ll be venturing too far today!

We’ve had an amazing time so far, in our favourite city, at our favourite time of year. Hope you’ve all enjoyed a happy, relaxing Christmas. More snowy posts coming soon.


christmas miracle

Okay, miracle may be a little strong, but as we sit in the BA lounge at Terminal 5, it looks like we’re going to make our flight to Boston, and better still, arrive in time for Christmas.

This really wasn’t on the cards yesterday. Masses of flights were cancelled, including one either side of ours, so we’d resigned ourselves to staying put for a few days. We got lucky!

Update: an added bonus. A Christmas menu choice on the flight over. Not the best turkey dinner ever, it has to be said, but it certainly put us in the mood for things to come…


christmas wishes

The Olli & Lime Christmas elves have distributed all our parcels to arrive in time for the day. Now, all that remains is to wish our customers and friends a very merry Christmas!

The O&L warehouse is now closed until the 6th of January, when we’ll tackle any orders received during the holidays. So, please be patient…and have a fab, fun, relaxing time!