canopy lounge

According to a recent study, “babies who are in close contact with dogs or cats during their first twelve months of life were found to enjoy better health and were less likely to suffer from respiratory infections”.

And if a cat is your family pet of choice, the Canopy Lounge – from Canopy Studio – would be a great addition. A cool-looking piece of furniture in its own right, it comes in a variety of mid-century modern colors.

We’d consider buying one, had we not taken the tough decision to re-house our cats with family and friends, when we relocated to the US. Anyway, if you want one, they’re on sale right now at TouchOfModern.



Time is flying by, isn’t it? Almost a month through 2011 already! With so much to do, I don’t need any distractions. Unfortunately, our cats didn’t get the memo…

…deciding my in-tray would make a great spot to settle. Okay, I could move her but these subtle demands to be ‘processed’ are preferable to the constant meowing and leg-rubbing.


cat book

I haven’t written a cat-related post for a while – and don’t panic, not my intention to make a habit of it – but I couldn’t resist this one, featuring our ultra-photogenic cat, Bert…

He’s taken to using my MacBook, when hooked up to my monitor, as a heated cat cushion. He is an odd little fellow but very sweet with it…not to mention inventive.


chair obsessed

Last weekend was a hectic one, with a ‘stag do’ and a wedding to attend. We did manage to squeeze in some shopping though and (unexpectedly) bought this chair…

It was an impulse buy but – at 50% off – also an absolute steal. Plus we’ve had our eyes on it for ages. Unfortunately we had to remove two legs to get it in the Mini…

Back at ours, the cats began sniffing around. ‘Hooray! A new chair to scratch’ seemed to be the feline consensus! Incidentally, Bert (left) has since made this chair his own!

Wrapping off, legs on, our new chair took pride of place…relegating the (former fave) Bibendum to the other side of the wall! Oh dear, we’re so fickle…and chair obsessed!

We love our new addition but, on the negative side, it does mean we’ll have one more thing to transport when we (eventually) move! Oh well, what you gonna do eh?!


sun bed

I know some don’t appreciate my cat posts but at the risk of alienating a few (and hopefully amusing a few more) I had to share this picture, featuring our cat, Egg…

Such a girl; adjusting her position to make the most of the remaining sun cover!


cat window

The latest in my “cat…” series, features all three of our little monkeys, with Egg and Bert posing for the camera as usual, while Josh sits atop our car in the background…

He loves to sit there, jumping straight up once I’ve parked the car, in an attempt to extract the maximum amount of heat from the engine! They are funny little things.


cat bed

Sometimes I wonder just who rules this house. Then I remember (and as anyone with feline pets would agree) it’s the cats, of course. And their domain knows no bounds…

I love that they stay within their own quadrants. At least they seem to respect our neatness. I did suggest to Karen that we need another cat to create visual balance though.


cat box

What’s the deal with cats and boxes? Why are they uncontrollably drawn to them? Not sure what the answer is, but every time we get a delivery…

…there they are. Bert (foreground) is the main culprit. Sure enough (and despite the innocent gaze) he was box-bound shortly after this.


reading the dash

This one’s short and sweet…literally. Just thought I’d share this pic of our cat Bert ‘helping’ me to read – Social Media queen – Laura Roeder‘s latest ‘The Dash’ email…

I’ve been a subscriber for quite a while, and Laura just seems to get bigger and bigger…not physically of course, I mean her following is growing. Anyway, I’d recommend checking her out…and so would Bert.


cat desking

An interlude for cat-lovers among you. Seems wherever I choose to work, our cat Bert decides to sit. On a pile of books or papers, on my laptop, on my lap even…

Bert on desk

I’m usually so immersed in work that I don’t notice until it’s too late…

Bert on desk again

Then he just lays there, looking all cute, and I struggle to move him…at least without giving him some fuss first. Which is all he’s really after.