canopy lounge

According to a recent study, “babies who are in close contact with dogs or cats during their first twelve months of life were found to enjoy better health and were less likely to suffer from respiratory infections”.

And if a cat is your family pet of choice, the Canopy Lounge – from Canopy Studio – would be a great addition. A cool-looking piece of furniture in its own right, it comes in a variety of mid-century modern colors.

We’d consider buying one, had we not taken the tough decision to re-house our cats with family and friends, when we relocated to the US. Anyway, if you want one, they’re on sale right now at TouchOfModern.

cat box

What’s the deal with cats and boxes? Why are they uncontrollably drawn to them? Not sure what the answer is, but every time we get a delivery…

…there they are. Bert (foreground) is the main culprit. Sure enough (and despite the innocent gaze) he was box-bound shortly after this.

cat desking

An interlude for cat-lovers among you. Seems wherever I choose to work, our cat Bert decides to sit. On a pile of books or papers, on my laptop, on my lap even…

Bert on desk

I’m usually so immersed in work that I don’t notice until it’s too late…

Bert on desk again

Then he just lays there, looking all cute, and I struggle to move him…at least without giving him some fuss first. Which is all he’s really after.