the beetles

We’ll tire (no pun intended) of our bike infatuation soon enough, then the blog will be relatively wheel free. But, as we’re still firmly in the honeymoon period, I had to share.

These Knog Beetle lights are super-cute yet stylish, which is why I categorized them in ‘design’. They’re certainly in-brand for O&L and look right at home on our Linus bikes.

Not hugely powerful, but perfect for the semi-urban routes we’ll be traveling. And they’ll come in handy, as dark descends earlier here than we’re used to. Happy weekend all!


on your bike

A while ago, we bought bikes in the UK. Unfortunately, these were stolen…from the back of our house, no less. We received insurance money to replace them but didn’t. Until now.

With our US future secured, we can take advantage of the Boston weather(!) and get on our bikes. We won’t be racing or rock-hopping, so a good old-fashioned bicycle will do.

And this is it. Well, mine anyway. It’s a Linus Roadster Sport. Sounds rather masculine but in realty it’s not that sporty. More of a practical offering, with a very pleasing aesthetic.

At least, I think so. It won’t surprise you to know, visual appearance played a big part in both our choices. In classic ‘his & hers’ style, Karen’s comes in complementary cream.

We were also attracted to the whole Linus brand. Everything, including their philosophy, is very straightforward and non-fussy. They make modern, simple, reliable (we hope) bikes.

We’ve ordered our chosen color/size and eagerly await delivery/build at our great local bike shop. I’m switching-out my tires for ‘creme’, to create a truly O&L-themed bike.

Edit: after a protracted encounter with an Amazon seller, I’ve finally added creme tires to my bike, as planned. Looks like they were made for this bike, I think. Hope you agree.