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Nice Miller mention by Fawn & Forest. Summer says “mix & match the minimalistic viney/flower pattern with the much loved yellow & stone to hit just the right note in your nursery”.


Thanks to Fawn & Forest (our longtime retail partners) for the plug, and their continued support of O&L. Our Miller collection is available to view and buy now in the Fawn & Forest store.


olli and lime and etsy

We’ve long admired Etsy, and watched it grow and grow over the years. They used to exclude companies like us, who create unique products, but with help from external manufacturers. Not any more.


Etsy extended an invitation to apply for approval. So we did, naming our partners, and telling the story of how we got here. And now O&L is a part of this vibrant, creative community –yay!


We’re very thankful to Etsy, and feel right at home. As a small company, we design everything ourselves, from product and packaging, to photography and website, so we believe O&L embodies Etsy’s DIY ethos.


And our manufacturers meet Etsy’s criteria for good practice. Best of all, they’re based here in the US –our custom fabric is printed in Sumter, South Carolina, and products constructed in Sylva, North Carolina.


You can find pretty much everything we do in the O&L Etsy Shop. Feel free to favorite our shop and any products you like. And please let us know what you think of our new Etsy retail space. Thank you!


forrest and forest

Just wanted to say a quick thank you to our long-term friends at Fawn & Forest, who just added our (appropriately named) Forrest collection to their store, and announced it via customer email and blog


So, you can now buy our Forrest collection, along with many other O&L products, direct from Fawn & Forest; a Portland-based company we’ve partnered since 2008…time certainly flies.


plush show

We just debuted at the Posh Little Urbanites Show (PLUSH), a three-day baby and toddler show, “dedicated to all posh and eco-conscious retailers”. We weren’t at the LA show (unfortunately) but some of our products were…


…including our Forrest and Logan fitted crib sheets (top-right), appearing at the Colgate booth, as part of our recent collaboration. Thanks to Colgate for letting us crash their space, and Dalton Agency, for making it happen.



Some exciting retail news. Olli & Lime products are now available from Diapers.com! The hugely popular baby retailer just started stocking our George, Billie, and Logan collections.

We’re really happy to be working with Diapers, and hope this new relationship helps many more people discover Olli & Lime. Click to see all O&L products on Diapers.com.


hello utah

Time to meet our first retail partner in Salt Lake City, Utah, Babinski’s Baby. This locally owned 14-year-old store offers “the best of everything for the new little one in your life”.

Babinski’s Baby are stocking crib bedding across our George, Billie and Logan ranges. If you’re in Salt Lake City, pay ‘em a visit. Oh, and check out their Facebook page too.


twinkle twinkle

Meet our newest retail partner, Twinkle Twinkle Little One, “Chicago’s premiere, upscale baby and child boutique, committed to furnishing Windy City nurseries with unique, special and custom creations”. Soon, our own creations will be appearing in their store.

Initially, Twinkle Twinkle Little One will be stocking our new Logan bedding, plus other selected items from our George and Billie ranges. If you live in the Chicago area, you can find them in North Center’s Roscoe Village…a neighborhood we visited a while ago.



We’ve worked with this store for a while, so it’s about time I told you about it. WONDER! “combines the country’s single largest collection of children’s products under one roof”.

That includes our core bedding ranges, plus decor items like the Billie burnt orange pillow and the George lime wallpaper, which provides a backdrop to the cool store display above.

WONDER! also sell our products online, and plan to offer more in the near future. Their huge store is located just north of Chicago. If you live nearby, go and check it out!


amazon arrival

Sorry for the brief blog hiatus. We’re super-busy at the moment, leaving me little posting time. To break the silence, a quick announcement about a cool new retail partnership.

Our latest retailer holds the ambitious mission of being “Earth’s most customer-centric company where people can find and discover virtually anything they want to buy online.”

We didn’t need to think for long about being a part of that. Some retailers already list our products on Amazon, but we wanted to make our offering consistent. So that’s the plan.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be expanding and refining our Amazon listings, to present an accurate and thorough selection. We’re excited by the potential of this new relationship.


jack + jade

Meet Jack + Jade Home, our newest Canadian retail partner. We’re thrilled to team-up, because we feel they’re a perfect fit for Olli & Lime. Check out their store to see why.

Jack + Jade are “committed to indentifying and highlighting emerging designers from around the world who share the same love of unique and modern design”…that’s us!

They will be stocking a selection of bedding, decor and accessories, across our George, Billie and Charlie ranges; all available right now, from their fabulously-designed store.

Husband and wife founders Cheryl & Ken share “a passion for all things modern” and their collection – which tackles everything ‘home’ – reflects a great eye for modern design.