oeuf elephant

We’re big fans of Oeuf, regularly featuring the NYC-based designer’s furniture in our product photography. So, we like it when they release new stuff, including the just-launched Elephant crib.


The crib is the product of Oeuf’s collaboration with Spanish designer, Carlos Tiscar. Folks have raved about the Elephant so far, thanks to its good looks and simple (less than 10 minutes) setup.


We first spied it on BuyModernBaby (thanks Esther) where we also found Project Nursery’s interview with co-founder Michael Ryan, including a demo of the super-quick ‘slot-and-go’ setup.


Tempting for us, as it’s quick to assemble (for photography) and easy to store. Quick setup is arguably more of a gimmick for parents. The Elephant crib comes in grey or white, and retails for $675.

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