rummer homes tour

During our recent Portland trip, we toured some amazing mid-century modern homes, built in the 1960s by Robert Rummer, and exclusively found in the Portland metro area.

The Mid-Century Marvelous’ tour, organized by the Historic Preservation League of Oregon (HPLO), featured eight Rummer homes, within the Bohmann Park neighborhood.

We’ve admired Rummer homes for ages, so it was great to see some up close, get inside, and even talk to the owners. Rummer himself was there too; in his former home, above.

Of the hundreds of Rummer homes in the Portland metro area, 62 are in Bohmann Park. It’s an easily walkable neighborhood, allowing us to see, and photograph, most of them.

Rummer homes are (controversially) almost identical to Eichler Homes, found in various Californian tracts. Whatever the ‘inspiration’, they’re impressive houses in their own right.

Although Rummer homes are way cheaper than their California cousins, they command a premium, when compared to neighboring homes. Either way, I think it’s money well spent.

As a bonus, one opportunistic Rummer home owner held an open house (not pictured) to coincide with the tour. Not sure if any offers materialized, but they got plenty of footfall.

Despite the inevitable Portland shower, it was a great day. It’s refreshing to see so many people who are passionate about restoring and preserving these wonderful homes.


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