epic photo shoot

1 new range + 2 revamped ranges = lots of photography. We can’t do it all ourselves, so we turned to long time Olli & Lime friend, Nikki McArthur, of EpicDanger Photography.

Nikki helped us out big time. We tasked her with creating three portrait shots, to show off hooded blankets for our new Logan range, plus our existing Billie and George designs.

This gorgeous little girl is Lola, snugly wrapped in our Logan hooded blanket. Resulting alliteration from pairing Lola with Logan is purely coincidental, though most welcome.

Next up Warren, expertly modeling our tweaked Billie pattern, launching in a few weeks. I just love the color contrast here, between the vibrant orange and his bright blue peepers!

Last but not least, Nikki’s own son Epic, who’s appeared here three times before! As a modeling veteran, Epic has no difficulty cheekily showing-off our updated George design.

The photos are stunning, I’m sure you’ll agree. We’re thrilled with the results. See more of Nikki’s wonderfully modern family/lifestyle photography at the EpicDanger website.

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