pink pinwheels

Okay, so I’m going a little pink/Logan crazy, but sympathize with me; this new design has been all-consuming. Anyhow, I was asked how we made the pinwheel garland in this pic.

So, I thought I’d oblige by revealing exactly how. In England, we’d call this a ‘Blue Peter moment‘ but that’s probably lost on most of you. Suffice to say, this calls for a bit of DIY.

First-up, print this pinwheel template we created and cut it out. Punch holes in each of the four pointed corners, and where the small lines intersect the pattern, near the middle.

Next, place onto your chosen card and draw around it. Mark pencil dots/lines through the punched holes, then cut around it. Now punch a new hole in each of the pinwheel corners.

Cut along each gap, toward the center, until you reach the line you marked. Next, fold the four corners into the center, matching up the holes. Lastly, apply a fastener and secure.

We made them in gray and two shades of pink but you can choose any color you like. I guess you could even opt for halloween-esque orange, if you’re feeling seasonally inclined.

Arrange them any way you like. We made a garland, as in the first pic, and also this multi-layered arrangement. Of course, you could stick with tradition and mount them on sticks.

Hope you enjoy the little interlude. We’re no ‘crafting’ experts by the way, so if you have a method that works for you, I’d stick with that, pardon the pun. More pinkness to come.

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