perfect parcels

Feels like Christmas at Olli & Lime today. We just took delivery of three much-anticipated packages; the culmination of a recent, and extremely exciting, top-secret collaboration.

Each pretty little parcel matches an O&L range, but you’ll have to stay tuned to discover exactly what’s inside. All will be revealed in the next week or so…I can hardly wait!


jack + jade

Meet Jack + Jade Home, our newest Canadian retail partner. We’re thrilled to team-up, because we feel they’re a perfect fit for Olli & Lime. Check out their store to see why.

Jack + Jade are “committed to indentifying and highlighting emerging designers from around the world who share the same love of unique and modern design”…that’s us!

They will be stocking a selection of bedding, decor and accessories, across our George, Billie and Charlie ranges; all available right now, from their fabulously-designed store.

Husband and wife founders Cheryl & Ken share “a passion for all things modern” and their collection – which tackles everything ‘home’ – reflects a great eye for modern design.


sixties style

A quick retail snippet I’d like to share. Our retro-style Charlie pillow is making a cameo appearance at Joss & Main; a members-only event site, offering short-life discounts.

The pillow is one of many products in a Mad Men-esque curated collection, assembled in conjunction with Maegan Tintari, the blogger behind fashion/style site …Love Maegan.

Our Charlie pillow is available now at 20% off, alongside many other sumptuous 60s picks. The J&M event ends this Friday, so you’ll have to be quick to get your hands on a bargain.

You’ll need to register first, then get email confirmation before you can shop. It’s well worth the wait though, as Joss & Main is a constant source of interesting home finds.


lavender and lime

I noticed this ages ago, then forgot to share. Never too late, I thought, so here goes. This mention of our George range (bottom left) appeared on the blog.

It’s not the first time – blog writer and curator of all things stylish – Esther has mentioned us (as I’ve posted before) but I thought this design board deserved special recognition.

Not a color combination we’d usually warm too but, thanks to Esther’s expert eye, it looks fresh and modern, and proves our George design works just as well for a girl, as a boy.

Click the image to read the full post and discover the origin of all the elements (we LOVE the mobile). While you’re there, do explore the blog. Such a great source of inspiration.


pink anticipation

Our UK factory took time out to show us how things are shaping up with our new design. Here’s a peek at the crib quilt, featuring pink/gray pinwheels, with matching gray edging.

As with our other designs, each quilt comes complete with a handy little drawstring bag, made from matching fabric. People use these for all sorts of things once they’re unpacked.

You can’t see the pattern too clearly in this photo, but these pink and white crib sheets feature a smaller, more delicate (than the crib quilt) version of the new pinwheel design.

And these are the burp cloths. Two come in a set, plus a matching bib. They feature the quilt and sheet patterns respectively on the front, with a plush reverse and gray edging.

As I’m writing, a new pic arrived. Here’s the bib & burp set, proudly displayed in retail packaging. We can’t wait to get these launched and into the hands of our customers!

The new range features lots of other products too, and they’re all being photographed over the next week. I’ll be sharing all the final shots right here, as soon as I get them.


bumper reaction

As some of you may be aware, Chicago City Council recently took the unprecedented step of banning the sale of crib bumper pads in the city, due to concern that these products pose a threat of suffocation. We thought you might appreciate the O&L take on this.

As a UK-formed company, now based in the US, we were surprised by the use of foam-filled bumpers in the US. The greater thickness of standard US bumpers and the filling used is unlike anything we had previously encountered in the UK and European market.

UK bumpers are traditionally filled with fiber, not foam. As a result, these bumpers are much thinner; less than an inch. They’re filled with glued-together fibers; dense enough to give protection, yet thin and open enough to allow air circulation within the bumper.

As our US sales have increased, we’ve resisted the temptation to adapt our UK-made bumpers to US norms, as we recognized the important safety benefits. In fact, some retailers and customers questioned why our bumpers were relatively thin and less rigid.

But we stuck to our principles, and our crib bumpers continue to be filled with fiber, not foam. This vastly reduces risk of suffocation, as the ‘barrier’ inside the crib’s perimeter is porous, creating a far more breathable bumper. And it also has some other benefits.

Most infants don’t sleep in cribs until 6-months-old, at which point they are quite mobile. Bumpers remain good solution to protect against limbs becoming trapped in crib slats. They also create obvious protection against bumping of the head or limbs against the crib.

This is echoed by a statement from the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, citing several studies which support the use of crib bumpers. The JPMA thinks “the city Council’s actions seem misplaced” and suggests they may be doing more harm than good.

While we’re on safety, worth mentioning that no pillows, quilts or soft toys should be left in the crib while your child is sleeping, until they are at least 12-months-old. For further safety information, visit and check the ‘sleep safe guide’ on our site.



We recently ticked a long standing ‘to do’ off our list; taking the fast ferry from Boston to Provincetown, Cape Cod; squeezing it in before the distinctly fall-like weather arrived.

Provincetown is famed for its gay population, and enjoys all the benefits that tend to follow almost automatically; great food, art, eclectic shopping and an ultra-friendly, relaxed vibe.

What struck me most was the vast number of dogs on show. The place is canine-friendly to the extreme; including allowing them on the almost endless, relatively quiet beaches.

But we weren’t there to laze around, relax and enjoy the beaches. Oh wait, actually we were. It was the weekend, after all. And we did our fair share of lazing, it must be said.

We did plenty of walking around too, and before going very far, discovered this stunning building, which is home to the Provincetown Art Association and Museum (PAAM).

This is my main reason for posting and explains using the ‘design’ heading. This modern addition really stands out, not least in contrast to it’s much longer-standing neighbor.

The PAAM has been a P-Town fixture since 1914, and has occupied the adjacent building since buying and refurbishing it in 1919. This contemporary wing was completed in 2005.

Visit the website of architects Machado & Silvetti to get full details of the project, which included renovation of the existing Hargood House and two breathtaking gallery spaces.

Back outside, what strikes you (or me at least) is the mix of materials. Rough-textured stone flanks the ground floor, aiding the contemporary aesthetic and adding a raw quality.

The entirety of the overhanging mid-section is a clearly defined horizontal block, wrapped in shingles; obviously, but cleverly, paying homage to the older neighboring structures.

The roof section provides yet more textural interest, with rigid horizontal wooden slats, punctuated by two enormous portrait windows, jutting out at either end of the structure.

A wall of glass on the ground floor too, which helps to illuminate the gallery space at the entrance. Some ‘interesting’ sculptures on the lawn too, if you’re into that sort of thing.

With fall here, and the inevitable onset of the Boston winter, it’s unlikely we’ll make many beach trips from here on in. Eventually though, I’m sure we’ll make it back to P-Town.


just modern

We’ve partnered a new retailer this week. Just Modern sell Mid-Century Modern-inspired home accessories. Right up our street. Initially, they’ll just be stocking our pillows, below.

As a side note, we’re ever so slightly (read ‘very’) jealous, as they reside in Palm Springs; a Mecca for Mid-Century Modern design. We’re already planning a warm winter visit.


totally awesome finalists

Totally awesome news. Literally. About a month ago, I said we’d been asked to take part in the Red Tricycle Totally Awesome Awards. Well, now we’ve been chosen as finalists!

And it’s thanks to you guys. To anyone who nominated us (you know who you are) we’re VERY grateful. To everyone else, it’s not too late to help. Final voting is going on now!

Just scoot on over to the voting page for Most Awesome Bedding, Accessories and Room Decors and vote for us! We’ve got some stiff competition, so every vote counts!

Please feel free to share this post/link with anyone you know who likes Olli & Lime too. Thanks so much for your continued support of what we do. We really do appreciate it.


olli and lime and jenna

A follow-up to last week’s customer post now. Mom Deanna also revealed she threw a baby shower for her cousin Jenna, who chose us before knowing Deanna was an O&L fan.

Jenna, from Bakersfield, CA, gave birth to baby Xander – appropriately – on Mother’s Day this year. The pics are from the beautifully conceived (pun intended) shower, in February.

Here are Deanna and Jenna, left to right. Deanna says, “I wanted the decorations to be reusable in her room. When I asked what her nursery inspiration was she sent me a link to your George crib bedding! This was so funny because she had never seen my nursery and discovered your designs all on her own!” Well, obviously good taste runs in the family!

I was thrilled when I saw the pics, I just had to share. Such an impressive effort to ensure everything tied into our George design. Send more O&L-themed shower photos please!

Deanna’s favorite item? “O&L-style flower cupcake toppers. I was so fortunate to stumble upon the grey and white printable wrapping paper you shared online.” Glad to oblige.

She says, “I filled in your print with color using PhotoShop, adding the splash of orange Jenna wanted, cut out the flower shape and glued it to a stick.” Look great, don’t they?

Deanna found further creative use for our printable wrapping paper, making backgrounds for the food and bag labels, plus the shower invite. Check out Deanna’s adaptations…

Having never attended a baby shower, I didn’t realize it was such a veritable food-fest. As good an excuse as any I guess. What’s your experience; is this typical of such occasions?

On that, I’d love to hear about other customer showers. And they needn’t be overtly O&L-themed. I realize that Jenna’s extravaganza is the exception. Mmmm…sugar cookies…

Mmmm…apple rings…

Perhaps I shouldn’t be writing this post just before lunch. Now, where was I? Oh yes. No matter where you look – and you can see all the shower photos here – it all matches.

I’m thinking Deanna could throw these parties for a living. Not sure if she’s open to offers. Of course, if you think your shower matches up, do email me the photos to prove it.

According to Deanna, “everyone thought it turned out really nice and they loved the O&L details, especially the people who bought jenna all her O&L George print registry gifts.”

“They all agreed that O&L has the cutest baby items ever and the fun prints make a great backdrop for a party.” And who are we to argue? Big thanks to Deanna for sharing.