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We love mid-century modern design, both inside and outside the home. Though Boston isn’t known for it’s mid-century housing stock, we’ve recently made a pleasing discovery.

Pockets of mid-century modern homes around Boston. Not quite the archetypal ‘California modern’ but pretty stunning in their own right. These are walking distance from our office.

Lots of glass, wood cladding, in large plots, surrounded by trees and greenery. Happily, not everyone shares our love of mid-century design, keeping prices relatively reasonable.

I don’t mean cheap, just not as costly as their huge Colonial neighbors. Shame then that many get demolished and built upon. We’d LOVE to get our hands on one to restore!

There are more examples further from the city, in towns like Lexington and Lincoln,┬áso we’re planning some day trips to check them out. Also, found this really cool resource…

…courtesy of Dwell, detailing the locations of regional modern real estate websites. The two MA examples are Modernmass and FoMA, though others are spread far and wide.

Lastly, we’re planning to check out a mid-century modern store in the area – Reside – which has a shop in Cambridge and one just-opened in the South End. Looks lovely…

…and the furniture is all original, expertly curated and ready for a new home. We’ll be looking, not buying (for now) but can’t wait to check it out. Updates coming soon…


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