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As you may know, we’re in the US for a little while, setting up a Boston office for Olli & Lime LLC, which we hope (fingers crossed) will be up and running in a couple of months.

To meet VISA requirements, we must first get the business to the stage where it’s 100% ready to trade. This is a long, rather tedious, process. Happily, there are some good bits.

Like shopping! These delicious-looking paper coasters are by Working Class Studio; we bought them from the ICA. You get twenty in a pack, so we’re hoping they’ll last a while.

We also snagged these Pantone ‘tea mugs’, online, from Uncommon Goods. Now I can color-match, so there’s no excuse for making Karen’s tea too strong! She’s very particular.

They’ll be neighbors on these desks, which we picked up at West Elm, in the Fenway area of Boston. Very mid-century, designed in collaboration with the PRATT Institute.

And we’ll be sitting on these chairs, inspired by the Eames/Saarinen Organic Chair (no, sadly not originals) from Interiortrade. They look gorgeous and are very comfy, which is a bonus.

We’ve also been eyeing these walnut and white bookshelves, from Nood, a very cool store we fell in love with when visiting Vancouver last year. We lost hours in there!

I hope you agree everything’s coming together (visually at least) in a predictably Olli & Lime-themed way! Still some very big hoops to jump through, but we’re getting there!


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