csn stores

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of meeting one of our biggest online retail partners, CSN Stores (now Wayfair) who carry our products on All Modern, plus a couple other websites.

We had a great meeting, looking at ways to move things forward. I also took some time out to admire their building – inside and out – which has a really cool mid-century vibe.

We previously visited CSN in the local landmark Prudential. They’ve grown since then, now occupying an impressive nine floors of this building, at the Christian Science Plaza.

Many people would argue the exterior is pretty ugly. But this 26-storey office building, at 177 Huntington, holds a certain charm for me, in an overtly retro, chunky, brutalist way.

The structure is equally evident on the inside, in the imposing concrete lattice ceilings and pillars, giving a similar feel to Boston City Hall, which I posted about in August last year.

Predictably, for a company selling some of the coolest designer furniture going, it’s well kitted-out, with a real Mad Men feel. We’d love some of these furniture pieces in our own office.

To top it off, they enjoy spectacular views, taking in most of Boston, including our beloved Fenway Park. We plan to set up a local office so (fingers crossed) we’ll be back soon.


the cribsie awards

I’ve been sat on this amazing news for days, partly due to our recent crisis. Anyway, at last I finally get to announce it. We’ve been selected as finalists for the Cribsie Awards!

The Cribsie Awards are “dedicated to recognizing the best brands, products, services, and websites for babies and tots”. Being selected is fantastic recognition for all we do at O&L.

We’re in the Nursery category, in the running for the “Statement Crib Bedding Worth the Splurge” award. This remarkably titled award really sums-up what our products are about.

But…we’re amongst some pretty stiff competition; companies with way more customers than us. Honestly, it’s unlikely we’ll get the award. All is not lost, but we need your help!


Visit The Cribsies. Register, then go to the Nursery page, click “Statement Crib Bedding Worth the Splurge” and vote for your fave; hopefully that’s us! Voting ends March 18th.

Cribsie Awards hosted by Stroller Traffic and A-list Mom. Sponsored by diapers.com.


return of the mac

We’re in Boston right now, making arrangements for our office set-up in April. Not exactly a hassle-free experience, as you can imagine, but things have been going fairly smoothly.

However, on our first night here, we got some thunder and lightning. Next day, turned the MacBook on, heard a pop, and it was no more. Our sole computer while here. Cue panic!

Have to say, the guys at the Apple Store were fantastic and, just over 24 hours later, we have a new MacBook Pro (which is a bonus) with everything transferred; a big phew!

We paid for the new MacBook (of course) but are hoping to claim on our insurance. Oh, we just launched our new site. Still a few tweaks needed but we think it’s looking good.

We’re fine-tuning over the next week or so. Lastly, amidst all this, we’ve been chosen as finalists for the Cribsies! This is AMAZING news, and a separate post is on the way…


get the look: billie

Following on from the George entry I posted the other day, thought I’d continue the theme. Even though it’s far from fall, here’s our most popular autumnal range, Billie…

Again, there’s a mix of complementary bits and bobs, discovered in a number of online places. Click the pic for a closer look and to find out where we sourced all the items.


olli and lime and joshua

A while since I posted any customer photos. These three shots come via long-term O&L friend and fan, and fabulous photographer, Emily Quinton. Not one of her children though.

Joshua, 8-weeks-old here, is the son of Emily’s clients Stephanie and Matthew, who kindly agreed to this post. Emily also photographed the couple’s wedding, in May of last year.

Isn’t he adorable? We featured Emily’s own son, Oren, back in July 2009, and may just be showcasing a new addition soon, as she’s about to have her third child. Best of luck Emily!

For more of Emily’s work, stretching beyond weddings and baby shoots, do check out her site. Oh, and if you’d like to share your O&L-themed photos, please email them to me.


get the look: george

We regularly discover products and think how well they fit with our look…and people often ask where we got this or that, what paint colour we used, and what goes well with what.

So, we thought we’d share a few ‘picks’. These are for George; with its fresh and breezy green, it’s a very popular choice for spring arrivals. Click on the pic to get a closer look…

We’ve matched it with everything from mobiles to ride-ons, and rugs to cuddly toys! We’re big believers in keeping the range of colours to a minimum, to create a really unified feel.

I hope you like the selection. If any of these products take your fancy, you should be able to find them with a quick search. Let us know if you struggle. Billie picks coming soon.


off the wall

Like a lot of people, I have a number of Google Alerts set up, so I know when someone says something about us. It’s proved invaluable over the last few years, for many reasons.

We check out coverage, customer feedback etc. We’ve even discovered people who felt it was perfectly fine to rip-off our designs, proudly stating they were ‘inspired by Olli & Lime’!

Anyway, an alert I just got was way more trivial, taking me to Spokeo, a site I hadn’t seen before. It lets you search for names and gives you facts/frequency across the US.

The alert found this, giving all the detail on the name ‘Billie Wall’. There are 29 of them in all. We got mentioned ‘cos of our ‘Billie Wall’ Art! While there, I had to look-up my name.

It appears, when we move, I’ll be the only Andy Lacey residing in Massachusetts. One of a mere 52 in the US. Haven’t got too much time on my hands, honest! Back to work…


new crib skirts

Sorry for the relative dearth of posts recently. Preparation for our big hop across the pond is all-consuming at the moment. We have had time for some more photography though…

These new shots show-off our latest addition; US crib skirts. They come in one colour – chocolate brown – to go with…everything we do. That’s George (above), Billie (below)…

…and, last but not least, Charlie (below) which we’ve now shot since I first posted…

You can order direct from our US shop for $55. Sorry, they’re not for sale in the UK, ‘cos we don’t ‘do’ crib skirts. Shame, as we think they’re fab and really complete the look.


leander down-under

Bit of photography going on recently, with a specific purpose; to showcase our Australian-only Leander crib bedding. It’s specially-sized and comes in our George or Billie designs…

Excuse the cat. She just wouldn’t get out of shot. Anyway, these lifestyle images show the crib set, which includes a quilt, fitted sheet and flat sheet, along with the walnut Leander.

These Leander-specific products, plus our regular collection, are distributed by Danish by Design, who also distribute the crib itself. Click here for a list of Australian stockists.