hsbc start-up stars

I mentioned the other week that we’d been selected as a regional (south-west UK) finalist for the HSBC Start-Up Stars Awards. Next week, the national finalists are announced.

Reason I’m posting now? Well, I reckon there’s little chance of us being put forward, so I thought I’d announce it on a positive – rather than negative – note…if you follow my logic.

If we do make it through, we’ll have to attend a presentation evening at The Dorchester in London. All very nice and I’m sure it’d be a great night but we can’t make it anyway.

We’re at the ABC Kids Expo in Vegas. So, if we are chosen, we’ll send reps. Like I say, not worth planning for that. If it happens, I’m sure we’ll find some willing volunteers.

Edit: Sure enough, as predicted, we didn’t get to the final stages. Oh well, can’t grumble, as we already had a very big win earlier this year. Good luck to the remaining nominees. We did make the local newspaper though, including the odd (predictable) inaccuracy.

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