point of view

We’re in. And though not totally back to normal, we’re getting there. Aside from a big broadband delay (AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!) it’s been pretty much plain sailing.

As you’d expect, I’ll be sharing my photos over the coming weeks. Initially though, something a bit quirky; the rather un-glamorous view from our second floor landing…

There are arguably far better views from our other windows. I love this one though, as it perfectly frames Cheltenham’s only ‘skyscraper’, the locally-loathed Eagle Tower.

Posts will be more regular from now on, though we’re concentrating on retail right now. Plus it’s only eight days until our West Coast trip! Don’t you just love being busy?

are we nearly there yet?

Almost. We’re literally on the verge of moving. For us, that means moving home and office. Fun on one hand but a pain in in the backside very disruptive on the other.

We’ll do our best to maintain a normal service. Ordering shouldn’t be affected but we won’t be taking calls or dealing with non-urgent emails, so please be patient.

We should have unpacked (most of) the boxes and be back up to full speed by Tuesday. Until then, things are going to be…interesting. See you on the other side.

Note: these aren’t our boxes. We’re not that organised. My sister mentioned how neat our boxes were the other day, so I felt I should set the record straight.

christmas comes early

Anyone who’s ever dealt with the media, particularly long-lead magazines, will know that they start thinking about Christmas early. VERY early. Like summer early.

I have sympathy for these guys, having worked in PR 10+ years. Writing Christmas releases six months in advance means that by the time it arrives, you’re sick of it!

Anyway, we took some Christmas-themed shots, to send in to journalists for gift guides, that kind of thing. I think they’re pretty cool so thought I’d share one…

Christmassy yet tasteful I thought. Karen shot this and some others outside in the beautiful sunshine which, she assures me, felt a bit weird! Right, back to summer.

olli and lime and little george

I love it when customers send in photos, particularly when unprompted. And that happened this week, when Augusta-based Jennifer shared this Little George mural…

This mural is a biggie; more than fifteen feet wide and eight feet tall! Karen had to add a buzzing bee (not normally present on this design) and extra flowers to fill the space!

A big thank you to Jennifer for sharing this photo. Good luck from all at Olli & Lime for the birth. We hope your new arrival loves the nursery wall mural as much as we do!

on the move

After a predictably twisty, turny, up and down affair, we’re finally on the move…unless something VERY dramatic happens. Hmmm, I really shouldn’t tempt fate, should I?

We’ve exchanged contracts which (in the UK) means both parties are legally bound to complete the sale/purchase. I can almost smell the new, albeit vulgar, stair carpet.

We have mixed emotions at leaving our home of the past two years. We love it and are proud of what we’ve done but it’s time to move on. And the new place is very cool.

Plus it simply fits our needs better and gives us a great opportunity to achieve what we want in the long term. I’ll tell you more on all that later, once we’re actually in.

spring sample sale

Our spring sample sale is now on! Actually, to be honest, it’s been running for a good few days now. I just haven’t conjured-up the energy, or time, to let you know about it!

The sale features up to 70% off sample and last season stock. Click here for the UK and Europe sale and here for the US and Canada sale. Happy shopping people!

unhappy hipsters

Unhappy Hipsters is a blog – more of an institution really – that I’ve been visiting and sharing with people for a while now. I thought it was time to give it some formal credit.

If you haven’t visited, do so. In a nutshell, they add amusing and insightful captions to deliciously styled lifestyle photographs from various sources, like Dwell for instance.

The ‘Hipsters’ are pictured alone, or with family, seemingly trapped in their achingly cool, mostly stark living environments. Worth it just for the pics. But there’s more…

The captions are truly hilarious, bringing images to life in ways the photographers couldn’t (and wouldn’t want to) imagine. I could look at this site for hours. And do.