fawn and forest

Seems like an age since we announced our partnership with Fawn & Forest. Since then, we’ve both grown and our relationship with Summer and co has blossomed!

Anyway, just thought I’d share our latest collaborative initiative (so to speak), an exclusive 15% discount if you buy anything from our Charlie collection through F&F!

Just click here to take them up on the offer. And don’t forget to check out their great blog – full of inspiration. Oh, and huge congrats to Summer, expecting her third child!

Lastly (I promise) we’ll be visiting Fawn & Forest’s home town of Portland, Oregon in the summer and hope to stop by and pay them a visit! Excited? Just a little!

bambin urbain

A new retailer to tell you about! Bambin Urbain is a French-Canadian online store, based in Quebec; our first partner there. Here’s their beautifully designed site…

We love it. Designer, businesswoman and founder Sybille Lefebvre refers to Bambin Urbain as her “fourth baby”, having already brought three little boys into the world!

Sybille’s mission is to “give other parents the opportunity of discovering the multitude of original baby products that are out there…Bambin Urbain is up to speed on all new trends and offers quality items that are at the same time useful and stylish”.

blog catch-up

Some more blog mentions to share. First up, Purl Mama, who kindly ran a picture post (and not for the first time) covering our new Charlie nursery and kitchen products…

Next, long-time friends Mini Gaga also posted about our new Charlie collection, and reminded me that we’re yet to decide whether to launch matching wallpaper. Hmmm…

And finally, Mommy Hype posted about us, using one of our new room shots to showcase our – distinctly turquoise – Egg nursery bedding, pillow and wall art…

As usual, thanks to everyone (including those not mentioned here) for posting about us. We’re really grateful to anyone who helps us tell the world about what we do.

abc kids expo

Thanks to the British Airways grant we told you about back in February, we are mounting an ‘international charm offensive’ this year, to spread the O&L word.

As I mentioned last week, our first stop is Boston to set up a distribution centre at the end of this month – actually just outside New York – plus other trips are planned.

Aside from that, when we won the grant, the first date in our diary was the ABC Kids Expo, in Vegas, regarded as the “primary trade show for the juvenile industry”…

…but, we only wanted to exhibit if we got a slot in the ‘Modern Baby Pavillion’, requiring a submission, judged by a panel. Well guess what? We’re in! Very cool.

And so the preparation begins. It’s gonna be amazing and hopefully great for Olli & Lime. The glitz of Vegas doesn’t float our boats but should certainly be ‘interesting’.

cool mom picks

I’d like to share a post which ran yesterday, at Cool Mom Picks

We’re long-term fans so it’s great to be featured. Thanks guys!

folded paper

Karen’s latest design obsession is folded paper. Still on the texture theme (I guess) but staying within our remit, there are some realistic applications for the nursery here.

These Inhabit wall flats (actually bamboo pulp) have been around for ages. They look great but I’ve refrained from buying any, assuming they’d be a real pain to clean…

There are masses of lighting options around too. We really wants one of these

And this could look amazing on a nursery ceiling, fascinating the little one for hours…

[via Design Mom]

Amusingly, Karen says “it reminds me of paper windmills I made as a child”. Sounds like a totally different childhood experience to mine. But then I’m not a designer.

olli and lime and alex

About time I posted some more customer photos, don’t you think? These shots were emailed by Jennifer – from Astoria, NYC – who won our giveaway back in November.

Jennifer has kindly shared son Alex’s nursery, featuring our Little George and George wall art – mounted onto canvas – along with matching curtains, in our George fabric…

Jennifer wanted “something that wasn’t your typical baby decoration and more hip / modern so it fit our house a bit better.” That certainly sounds like our kind of brief!

“…at the time we didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl so the neutrality was appreciated as well…I like how refreshingly non-baby the designs are in a great way.”

Check out Jennifer’s blog Astoria Baby, where she and her husband discuss products they’ve found and share experiences of living in Astoria, NYC with 3-month-old Alex!

Thanks Jennifer, for your very kind words, and for sharing your lovely nursery.

baseball business

We’re taking a short business trip to Boston in a few weeks. As baseball season is here (pure coincidence of course) it means we also get to see our beloved Red Sox…

I couldn’t resist snapping these tickets, which arrived in the post the other day. They’re not the greatest seats in the park but we’re just so excited to be going back!

Incidentally, there’s a very important Olli & Lime purpose to our trip (honest). We’re taking a big business step, setting up US product distribution with a new partner.

easter offer

It’s almost Easter. To celebrate, we’re offering 20% off any Olli & Lime products when you buy direct from us. That includes our new Charlie collection…