charlie and danger

By now you probably know that we’re planning some changes to our product website. Plus, we’re about to launch our new range, Charlie. Well this post combines the two.

This adorable little girl is Danger, daughter of Loving Danger author (and O&L friend and fan) Nikki. And in the background, our soon-to-be-launched Charlie design.

This is one of four rotating images that’ll sit proudly on our new product homepage come the spring. I’ll be revealing the other images over the weeks that follow.

our family has grown

Regulars will know we’re preparing to launch a new design, Charlie. Plus, we’re introducing new products and making some improvements to our website.

As part of the process we’ll also be shooting new photography across all our ranges. We’ve employed cuddly toys in the past, and today we recruited a couple more…

Flanking our regular monkey and donkey, an orange horse and lime green dinosaur! I think they’ll fit right in, complementing our Charlie/Billie and George ranges perfectly.

Apologies for the brief posting interlude by the way. We’re busily working away behind the scenes and you’ll be hearing much more from us over the coming weeks.

olli and lime and jake

A lovely surprise arrived in my inbox this week; O&L fan Jenny Buchanan emailed some gorgeous photos of her little boy, Jake after seeing our recent Epic photo post

Jenny lives in Dallas, Texas with husband Scott, who plays drums at their church. Reason I’m mentioning this? Well, it (kind of) explains the presence of this drum…

These were all taken by photographer friend Natasha Brown – click for her website – when Jake was just four days old! This close-up of his little feet is particularly cute…

Jake is now almost six months old and Jenny also supplied a more recent photo (below). We just love his hat…and it matches our George bedding (almost) perfectly…

Jenny says “we looked for a LONG time for the perfect bedding before Jake was born …we were SO happy to have found the best looking baby/toddler bedding around!”

Thanks for the kind words Jenny, and for sharing these great photos. More please!

babybot canada

New Canadian retailer babybot agreed to stock us a while back. Happily their site is now live…and we think the result is just fantastic…

We’re big fans of the clean, crisp, modern design. I urge you to click through, if only to take a look at the wonderful opening animation.

With an ethos not dissimilar to our own, there’s a good synergy between brands. We’re thrilled to be there. Oh, and here’s a quick peek at our page…

They’ll be stocking pretty much everything Billie and George. Go check ’em out.

the new ‘it’ colour

Last week, PANTONE 15-5519 Turquoise was declared ‘color of the year for 2010’. This completely passed me by, until I spotted this post on Stroller Traffic

They’d asked hostess with the mostess founder Jennifer Sbranti to “reveal some of the coolest turquoise things she’s discovered for babies” and we made the list

Huge thanks go to Jennifer for picking us out…and to Tara from Stroller Traffic for asking her in the first place! We’re honoured to feature on both your wonderful sites!

To celebrate, we’ve extended our 20% off egg sale until the end of January! Plus, our US and UK clearance sales have wonderful turquoise Egg stuff at up to 60% off.

charlie wallpaper?

Why the question mark? Well, because we haven’t decided whether to produce it yet. We are playing around with the product range for Charlie, and this one is optional…

We’ve also designed a Charlie number print (as per our George and Billie ones). Same size but portrait this time, for a bit of variation. Plus it looked better this way round…

We really like the way Charlie is shaping up and there’s plenty more to come. We’d love to know what you guys think in the meantime though, so please don’t be shy.

olli and lime and epic…again

This is the second time that Epic – son of blog regular Nikki – has appeared here, following his gorgeous newborn debut back in October. Just a brief visit this time…

Okay, so this just the back of his head but Nikki (AKA Loving Danger) assures me it is indeed her little guy. Doesn’t he look sweet and peaceful? Just the way I like them.

The reflection looks lovely too. Big thanks to Nikki for sending it in. Anyone with a photo to share – whether you’ve been featured before or not – please email me.

hello charlie

2010 looks like a big year for O&L, with lots of new products on the way. First-up a brand new design, set for launch in the spring. Please say hello to the newest member of our family, Charlie…

We hope you like the new design. We’d love to know what you think. We have masses planned and all will be revealed here over the coming weeks and months.

let it snow

Up until now, we’ve only had a hint of snow in our town this winter, although it’s been promised for weeks. Well today it did snow…big time…by our standards anyway.

Hardly headline news to most of you…particularly those in Canada and northern states. But when it does snow here, things. Just. Stop. Much like these footprints…

Because, although it happens most years, people just aren’t prepared. And, more importantly, the UK allocates minimal budget to clearing things up.

Personally, I think it’s a beautiful and welcome addition…providing you don’t need to travel too far. Unfortunately, tomorrow I do. But may not have a choice.

As a side-note, we’ve just recovered from three days without heat or hot water. Now that’s sorted I don’t mind being house-bound….hope I don’t live to regret those words.

trend bible

Great news. We’ve appeared in another book – you may remember the last one I mentioned – called Trend Bible…

UK-based Trend Bible is published twice a year. Here are our two visual mentions…

Above is our George toddler bedding and below an alphabet print in lime…

Trend Bible is out now. For more information, visit the website and blog.