olli and lime kitchen

You may know we’ve been renovating. After much stripping, filling, sanding and painting, things are finally coming together. The noisy builders have gone and the dust has subsided.


So, time to share the results, starting with our kitchen. Our budget was tight, but we had fun putting it together. As you can see, we settled on a color very close to our hearts, and O&L.

counter top

We searched high and low for high-quality appliances at the lowest possible prices. We saved money by pouring a concrete counter-top, for an industrial look. This was a good decision.

kitchen overhead

We used high gloss doors, with minimal furniture; the low cabinets in lime green, and a high wall of white to house the appliances and provide lots of extra storage space.

white side

We love how the kitchen turned out. We are fortunate to have huge windows and 11ft+ ceilings so, despite the room being narrow, it feels huge and is filled with light. Hope you like.



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  • Hi Brittany. What a lovely compliment! We’re so glad you like it. Wasn’t sure whether people would be interested in our personal photos but we’re so pleased with how our place has turned out, we couldn’t help ourselves. Watch this space…:-)

  • brittany

    oh my goodness, that is gorgeous! I never would have thought to do that, but it turned out perfect!! I’d love to see more pictures.

  • Oh my, I think I might be in love! I didn’t even know that you could get concrete benchtops. I love it! Would love to see what the top looks like, so I’ll second Britanny: would love to see more photos.
    [I think this just may be part of my upcoming kitchen reno too. Ok, upcoming in a couple of years, but still worth dreaming about!!]

  • Hi Lexy

    Have just left a comment on the Bloesem post saying it doesn’t have to be that expensive.

    Our builder cast the concrete in-situ on a plywood frame.

    You can of course spend loads with specialists – it just depends on the level of finish you are looking for.

    Good luck 🙂

  • That’s a very beautiful kitchen.

    Would you be happy to tell me where you got those amazing lacquered doors? I had been thinking of just repainting our tired old doors, but this gives me ideas on a grander scale…!


  • Hi Natalie

    Thanks for the compliment!

    No problem, we got them from Howdens. Here’s a link: http://tinyurl.com/alhzk2


  • Love it! Wonderful combination of raw/industrial materials (concrete top) with modern/high gloss (cabinets).

    That green is awesome! It feels like almost an extension of the outdoors but distinctly clean, modern, and well, indoors. The sink is great too; often sinks are overstated – this one is understated. Although I’ve been staring at it trying to figure out where the temp valve is. I give up!

    Are all the pulls brushed stainless and match the sink? Neat.

    • Thanks Tim, glad you like it. The sink is indeed minimal and the tap (faucet in your books) works by twisting one way for hot and the other for cold. We searched high and low and paid a pretty small price in the end. It’s all stainless steel. We loved that kitchen but left it behind long ago (sigh).

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