the right gray

it won’t surprise you to hear that gray is our favorite neutral color. Not only does it go with everything we do at O&L, it’s also what we picked for much of our own home.


If you paint your nursery gray (rather than pink, blue, yellow etc.) it’ll likely be good for a long time. Other colors can do the ‘talking’ while neutral gray sits there looking cool…or warm, depending on your chosen shade.


But how do you pick that shade? As we know first-hand, gray is a notoriously difficult paint color to choose. Especially if you want a pure gray, relatively free of blue, green, red, brown (or whatever) tones.


And what works in one room, may not in another. What looks perfect in daylight, could have a whole different feel with the lights on. So what’s the best approach? It depends what you’re hoping to achieve.


If you are matching bedding, for example, you can take a fabric swatch to the paint store, and ask for a color to be mixed. You’re relying on someone else’s judgement, but you should at least get close.


If you want a complementary gray, start with a few samples. Buy a color guide at your chosen paint store –this one was only about $10. A small price for the fun you’ll have…if you’re into that sort of thing.


Paint a small section of wall first, and observe the color(s) under different conditions. If you plan to paint multiple walls, or multiple rooms, paint some decent-sized wood boards, and move them around.


Sample pots are cheap, and you can use leftovers for small projects when you’re done. If you have a textured wall (like our interior siding, for example) try and replicate the finish, for an accurate color reading.


Worth creating a palette of all your colors and finishes, to see how things work together. This is particularly useful for developing a large area or whole house scheme, as with our example below.


Of course, you could just wing-it. Take a stab at a gray you like the look of, and paint the entire wall, room, house even. Then see how you like it. But don’t say we didn’t warn you.


one smiley monkey

Quick heads-up: we have a giveaway going on right now at One Smiley Monkey –you could win an O&L 2-piece crib bedding set (fitted sheet + crib skirt), in our Forrest (pictured), Logan or Miller designs.


The giveaway runs for 30 days, starting today, and is open to residents of USA and Canada only. Enter (via Rafflecopter) at One Smiley Monkey…go on, get on over there. Best of luck!


mellow yellow

Another roundup of other people’s stuff that matches O&L –this time, we’ve picked products to fit our yellow/stone Miller collection. Like this super-slick atomic yellow table lamp ($129) from CB2.


Love this chrome and powder-coated yellow beauty. And how about this design classic Eames Elephant ($330) at Design Public –sadly, this plywood version is no longer available, but there are five other colors.


Including white, which looks good with anything. And something to put it on? Land of Nod’s wonderfully-named if you’re shaggy and you know it cream rug ($249) should do the trick.


And there’s always room for a pouf. This knitted yellow pouf ($79.95) by CB2 is practical and versatile –use it as an ottoman or occasional seat. It looks pretty fine too, and adds a pop of color.


And you’ve gotta love the chunky cable-knit sweater texture. Time for some pillows. These two, from CB2, fit the bill. The diamond weave yellow pillow ($34.95) and format natural pillow ($29.95).


Both have a tactile, textural quality, and muted tones –perfect for a neutral nursery…or elsewhere in the home. Next, check out these beautifully designed wooden animal boxes ($49) at Areaware.


When playtime’s over, stash everything in these Kneatly Knit storage bins ($39) at Land of Nod. Each is made from 100% cotton, available in a variety of colors, including this warm yellow.


Hope you enjoyed our yellowy departure. Have a fantastic Easter! Which reminds me, our Easter sale is going on now through April 25 –just use code “easter20″ in our shop for 20% off. Exclusions apply.


easter sale

Chocolate egg-eating season has arrived! Along with it, a delicious O&L sale –see what I did there? Anyhow, now through April 25, we’re giving you 20% off (pretty much) everything in our shop


Just shop O&L and enter “easter20″ at checkout. We’ll take 20% off your order. As usual, cannot be applied to previous orders. Excludes clearance, Jellycats, graphics and mobiles. Oh, and bunny rabbits.


fawn & forest blog

Nice Miller mention by Fawn & Forest. Summer says “mix & match the minimalistic viney/flower pattern with the much loved yellow & stone to hit just the right note in your nursery”.


Thanks to Fawn & Forest (our longtime retail partners) for the plug, and their continued support of O&L. Our Miller collection is available to view and buy now in the Fawn & Forest store.


custom twin bedding

Our baby and toddler bedding is (intentionally) more ‘grown-up’ than most. So, no surprise that people often ask for our designs in larger twin bedding. We do our best to accommodate these requests.


We can make twin bedding (like this Logan set) in any of our fabric designs –providing we have enough spare. Orders typically take about three weeks. So, if you like our bedding but want it bigger, let us know.


in the pink

Time for another Friday roundup of stuff we don’t make, but that works with O&L. These picks go with our pink/gray Logan collection. Let’s kick off with this round-framed Innit Rocker ($450).


The pink vinyl/white metal combo makes a bold statement. And, apparently, it’s pretty comfy. Next, a favorite of ours, the hand-woven 5′x8′ Heather Shag Rug ($400) from Crate & Barrel.


The neutral tones make it a match for pretty much any color scheme. And we’re loving the delicate geometric pattern on this 20″ Starlit Embroidery Pillow ($40) from CB2.


The front is quilted, with a coordinating reverse in solid berry. Time for some practicality, with this gray Lattice Floor Bin ($59) from Land of Nod –perfect for stashing toys…or anything, really.


Each bin is hand-woven in durable rattan, creating an intricate lattice pattern. You can never have enough pillows. Not strictly true, but you could make room for this Que Berry Pillow ($40) from CB2.


Tactile textured loops up-front and flat solid on the back. Finally, Land of Nod’s General Storage Shelf ($399) –apparently, this was “inspired by the bins found in classic general stores”.


It comes in a choice of gray or white, and either would work with Logan. Hope you enjoyed this color-coordinated roundup. I’ll be sharing some yellow finds in a week or so. Have a great weekend!


123 decorate

Just spied an O&L mention over at Apartment Therapy –our Forrest 123 Wall Art was picked by Beth Callaghan, in her recent roundup of number-related children’s decor.


All our wall art is printed on 28 x 20″ recycled paper, to fit a standard-sized frame. Forrest 123 and ABC options are available to view and buy for $20 in our shop. Thanks to Beth & AT for the mention.


april fool

Had to laugh at this post. At first I was shocked to see such an ugly (in our shared opinion) collection of bedding and decor, in Esther’s familiar nursery board format. Then I remembered what day it was.


Highlights include “nice beige paint [and matching glider]…glittery pink chandelier…giant quote wall decal…Winnie the Pooh theme” –apparently, the post will be removed tomorrow, to avoid confusion! Nice one Esther.


spring clearance

Whenever we launch a new collection, or re-run an existing one, we always get some ‘seconds’ –products with slight imperfections, in size, shape or print quality. These products end up in our clearance section, priced to sell.


Most imperfections are virtually undetectable, making them a real bargain. Right now, products are available from our best-selling Forrest and Logan collections (above) plus our just-launched Miller collection (below).


Our clearance section also includes some products from our discontinued George and Billie collections (below) including wall art, pillowcases, pillow covers, and a one-off tree wall graphic.


These products and more are available to view and buy now in our clearance section, with prices starting at just $10. Clearance sales are final, and do not qualify for further promotional discounts.