rock and pebble

Meet Rock & Pebble, another addition to our gifts+toys lineup, and makers of some truly adorable stuff. A great match for O+L –R&P are based in California, and make everything in the US and UK.


We picked their Modern Pebbles (above) and Pear House (below) for our collection. And you can win your own set of Modern Pebbles, plus along a set of cross wall decals in our Instagram giveaway, going on right now.


If you’re an impatient sort, or never win anything (like me) you could just skip the wait and buy everything now, from the O+L shop. Then again, this could be your lucky day…


holiday sale

Last chance to buy low at O+L in 2014 –now through December 31, get 20% off in the O+L shop with promo code: HOLIDAY20. Usual exclusions apply.



the cribsies

The Cribsies are back, and we need your help. Please take a minute to nominate O+L in the “nursery” category (something like below) –thanks so much for your support!



axl brand

Whenever we can buy local, we do. And AXL Brand is certainly that, based just down the road from O+L, in San Francisco. They also make the most adorable products.


This put AXL high on our list of ‘gifts we’d LOVE to carry’. Happily they liked us too, so we picked their Storm Blanket (above) and Storm Gift Set (below), for our lineup.


You could win your very own Storm Gift Set in our Instagram giveaway going on right now. Don’t feel lucky? Lack patience? Skip the anticipation and order from the O+L shop.


new mom gift guide

Completing our trio of gift guides, a selection for new moms + moms to be. As usual, click image to enlarge, and find everything in the O+L shop.



house industries

We’re big fans of House Industries –genuine design kudos, and just the right blend of humor and cool. When we chose to expand our gifts+toys offering, they topped our list. Happily, they agreed O+L was a good fit.


We picked House’s Neutraface Slab Blocks (above) and Alphabet Factory Blocks (below). Apparently, these blocks “transmit subliminal stylistic messages to young impressionable minds” –and we’re all for that.


Want your own set of Factory Blocks? Enter our Instagram gift giveaway (the first of four, over the next two weeks) going on right now. Don’t feel lucky? Buy both block sets on our gifts+toys page.


toddler gift guide

Our second O+L gift guide is all about the toddlers. Click image to enlarge, and find everything in the O+L shop.



happy thanksgiving!

This is one of the few days we take off every year, and I hope you are doing the same. Time for family+friends, food+fun. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy!



thanksgiving sale 2014

That time of year again –turkey, pumpkin pie…and BIG discounts. And this is the biggest one we offer. If you’ve had your eye on anything O+L, time to pull the trigger.



newborn gift guide

First of three O+L gift guides –this one for new arrivals. Click image to enlarge, and find everything in the O+L shop.